Deck Highlight: Standard Boros Burn

I noticed this Standard Boros Burn deck by James Diamond today when it hit me. What happened to Showdown of the Skalds?

Standard Boros Burn

It used to be one of the best cards in Standard dominated by broken stuff like Embercleave, The Great Henge and Emergent Ultimatum. I suppose having access to all the busted Adventure cards made the card a lot better since you were technically drawing even more cards with it, but there is no reason why it should be seeing almost no play now.

Rem Karolus, Stalwart SlayerBloodthirsty AdversaryReckless Impulse

James’ deck is mostly focusing on burning the opponent out, but this deck also plays out like a normal aggro deck with a lot of cheap creatures. Bloodthirsty Adversary and Rem Karolus help with the burn plan and Reckless Impulse actually does a solid Light Up the Stage impression.

I haven’t been impressed by Chandra so far (mostly because I misread the card and thought it could ping creatures, too) and I quite like the haste element of the deck, so I can see it making room for some Reckless Stormseekers in the maindeck.

I was going to say that I would play at least 22 lands in this kind of deck, maybe even 23, because you always want to hit your 4th land for Showdown, but then I realized there is a playset of Spikefield Hazards, which lets you “cheat” on the land count really nicely.

Showdown wants you to play as many cheap cards as possible, so if you are making any changes to this list, make sure to keep the mana curve low.

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