Deck Highlight: Ryoichi Tamada’s Sultai Ultimatum

Ryoichi Tamada’s Sultai Ultimatum

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Ryoichi Tamada won Japanese Nationals this weekend with his take on Sultai Ultimatum, the most popular deck in the field.

Notably, the field was stacked with big name pros who all surely took their deck choice very seriously, which tells you how strong this deck really is.

4 Mystical Dispute main seemed like a great choice at the tournament, where Sultai was probably expected to be the most played deck, but right now, there is a lot of Aggro decks around, so I would consider just moving the Disputes in the sideboard in favor of running more sweepers in the 95.

Extinction EventEmergent UltimatumShadows' Verdict

I wouldn’t be shocked if it was correct to run 4 Extinction Event and 4 Shadow’s Verdict right now because it really does seem like Mono Red and Mono White are everywhere, and these are your best cards against them.

This deck naturally has a great matchup against midrange decks and other slower decks that don’t pressure you, because they give you enough time to resolve your Ultimatum and win.

If you can build this deck in a way that you don’t get rolled by the aggro decks, then you should be in a pretty good spot. Rogues is still going to be a horrible matchup for you, but it is currently not a very popular deck, so you can just take that as an acceptable loss that you probably won’t really be able to improve much anyway no matter how hard you try.


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