Deck Highlight: Pioneer Jund Sacrifice


Pioneer Jund Sacrifice by Sam Pardee


This last Saturday, my friend Sam Pardee took down the Pioneer Championship Qualifier with an old favorite of mine – Jund Sacrifice. The Pathways fixed the mana dramatically, and the deck is a sweet one. I played it a lot a few months ago and I’m glad to see it get an upgrade.



Header - The Game Plan

Assemble the Jund Sacrifice engine you know and love, using Collected Company and mana dorks. Slam Bolas’s Citadel for a fast win, with extra cheese.

This deck has a couple paths to victory. Mana acceleration into Collected Company is one of them, as it’s got a lot of threatening combinations of creatures. A fast Bolas’s Citadel is the second, as this deck can easily go off and win in one turn once Citadel hits the board. The addition of Witch’s Oven and Cauldron Familiar is a big one too, and it gives the deck a lot more grinding capability.


Header - Key Cards

Elvish MysticGilded Goose


Mana dorks are really strong here. This deck has tons of great three and four-mana plays, and can sacrifice the one-drops for value afterwards.


Collected CompanyBolas's Citadel


Your two main engines are both heavy hitters. Resolving Company is a good sign, and resolving a Citadel ends the game frequently. These are the highest payoff cards to accelerate into, and what your game plan revolves around.


Woe StriderCatacomb Sifter


These are the token makers, and combined let you rip through your deck with Citadel in play. All the scrying makes it easy to keep hitting, especially if you can gain some life off Zulaport Cutthroat.


Mayhem DevilZulaport Cutthroat


Here we have the payoffs. Sacrificing creatures with these in play adds up quickly for the opponent and helps you clear the board while you’re at it.



Cauldron FamiliarWitch's Oven


This combo was too good for Standard, and isn’t much worse here. It gives you infinite sacrifice fodder and gains a lot of life in the process.


Header - Mulliganing

This deck is mainly looking to lead on Llanowar Elves or Goose, but will accept Cat and Oven if it has to.


Gilded GooseElvish MysticCollected CompanyOvergrown TombOvergrown TombDarkbore Pathway // Slitherbore PathwaySwamp


Keep. A turn three Company is a turn three Company, even if the rest of the hand is all mana.


Zulaport CutthroatBolas's CitadelCauldron FamiliarMayhem DevilCragcrown Pathway // Timbercrown PathwayOvergrown TombDarkbore Pathway // Slitherbore Pathway


Mulligan. This hand doesn’t actually do anything, and has three sacrifice payoffs with zero outlets. You can do better.


Priest of Forgotten GodsElvish MysticGilded GooseBlightstep Pathway // Searstep PathwayDarkbore Pathway // Slitherbore PathwayStomping GroundSwamp


Keep. This is a turn three Citadel if you draw one, and has outs to draw Company or any three-drop and be fantastic as well.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • On a turn where you’re going to scry three or four times, keeping the first card you hit has a big cost. You can usually afford to get greedy.
  • Setting up Citadel is a great way to steal games. It’s worth throwing away your whole board to cast it.
  • You can scry before or after Company, and usually want to stack it so you scry once or twice before, as you’re done when you hit one good target.


Header - Demanding a Sacrifice

I love playing this deck, as it’s both good and fun. It looks like it got a lot better with Kaldheim, so there’s no better time to check it out.



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