Deck Highlight: Pioneer Giant Ox Aggro


Pioneer Giant Ox Aggro by SOIMBA_AIRWAVE (4-0, MTGO Pioneer Prelim)


Now that Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is banned in Pioneer, a new “6/6” creature is poised to dominate, but this one only costs two mana. Yes, it’s about to be the Year of the Ox, as Giant Ox is pulling its weight with all sorts of sweet Vehicles. Let’s take a look!


Header - The Game Plan

Play enormous Vehicles and crew them with Giant Ox and Dwarves (ideally with Magda, Brazen Outlaw in play). Attack the opponent with said Vehicles, sometimes with Embercleave backup for a real one-two punch.

This deck is a riot. You have these ridiculously cheap Vehicles with high crew costs, combined with Ox, Magda and other high-power Dwarves. All those pilots mean that the Vehicles are effective attackers, and they really do give you some good bang for your buck. The deck even has Lurrus of the Dream-Den to replay its threats, and Magda does do some light tutoring action.


Header - Key Cards

Giant Ox


The Ox stands head and shoulders above the rest here, as it enables the “Splinter Twin” combo of attacking with Consulate Dreadnought on turn two, alongside any other Vehicle play you want to make. While it dies to Fatal Push, it’s basically immune to red removal, and drawing it means your absurd Vehicles are all fully-staffed.


Consulate DreadnoughtPeacewalker ColossusHeart of KiranColossal Plow


These are the cars that go vroom. Dreadnought is the heavy hitter, but Peacewalker Colossus and Heart of Kiran hold their own as well. Peacewalker Colossus is a nice hedge against drawing too few creatures, as it can start sending other Vehicles into the red zone by itself. Plow is the highest upside Vehicle, as it lets this deck really go off.


Magda, Brazen OutlawToolcraft ExemplarVeteran Motorist


The Dwarf contingent is important too. Magda generates Treasures whenever you use a Dwarf to crew, and the other two are cheap and effective for their cost.


Sram, Senior Edificer


This is the first deck I’ve ever seen to take advantage of Sram’s little-known Vehicles clause. It turns out that he builds cars too, and you get a card every time you play a Dreadnought or any of the other Vehicles.


Lurrus of the Dream-Den


Lurrus is a powerful card even when not companioned, and here it lets you replay all your threats. It’s a nice reward for having a deck full of cheap creatures and Vehicles, and can regrow your board quite rapidly.


Header - Mulliganing

I never thought I’d write this about a Constructed deck, but the most important card to have in your opening hand is Giant Ox. It makes everything go and leads to your most busted draws. Still, Sram, Consulate Dreadnought and Magda aren’t far behind, as this deck has a lot of good early plays.


Giant OxConsulate DreadnoughtBattlefield ForgePlainsSacred FoundrySacred FoundryColossal Plow


Keep. This hand is all-in on the Ox, but that’s what you signed up for when you chose this deck.


Colossal PlowPeacewalker ColossusMutavaultSacred FoundryWild SlashConsulate DreadnoughtNeedleverge Pathway // Pillarverge Pathway


Mulligan. This hand badly needs a creature and you don’t have tons of time to draw one.


Sram, Senior EdificerConsulate DreadnoughtConsulate DreadnoughtPlainsMutavaultEmbercleavePeacewalker Colossus


Keep. This hand is land-light and missing red, but Sram is set up to draw you a bunch of cards. I wouldn’t even play Dreadnought on turn one, since you want to keep it to play after Sram.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • You can always toss excess Dwarves into a Vehicle crew if you have Magda in play and want to make more Treasure.
  • Vehicles can crew each other. Chaining Vehicles into crewing bigger ones might not make flavor sense, but it can be effective.
  • Mutavault is a Dwarf, and as such can be a nice little combo with Magda.
  • Magda can search out artifacts, so sometimes you’ll want to race to five Treasures to do that.


Header - The Wheels on the Dreadnaught...

This deck is sweet – props to SOIMBA_AIRWAVE for the inspiration. It offers a fun ride and is definitely a unique take on Pioneer.


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