Deck Highlight: Omnath Niv to Light



Omnath has taken over Magic: the Omnathing, a Deckmaster Omnath. The four-color monster has shown up in pretty much every format and it ALWAYS makes for absolute shenanigans. Who thought Genesis Ultimatum would be good outside Commander? Not me, not you – don’t give me that look, you know you didn’t.


Modern is a great landing place for the card, with plenty of ramp and huge payoffs. Niv-Mizzet Reborn is a great example, although Omnath is also popping up in Uro Piles. The Bring to Light deck is already powerful, but adding Omnath just puts it over the top, suddenly you’re doing big things faster and more often. It’s an almost insurmountable tidal wave of advantage once you get rolling.


With Yorion as companion, this deck also just packs in as much value as you can imagine. All the best cards in every color are here, from Wrenn and Six to Supreme Verdict. It’s a multicolor toolbox that goes bigger than almost anything in modern.


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