Deck Highlight: Modern UW Belcher


Modern UW Belcher by Ethan Formichella


In today’s edition of crazy combo decks in older formats, we have this Azorius “Oops all spells” Belcher deck from Ethan Formichella, who went 5-0 with it in a Modern MTGO league.



Goblin CharbelcherSea Gate Restoration // Sea Gate, RebornEmeria's Call // Emeria, Shattered Skyclave


The main combo is just playing and activating Goblin Charbelcher. Having no lands in your deck means you should always deal enough damage to finish your opponent off in one hit. 


Lotus BloomMind StoneTalisman of Progress


Lotus Bloom, Mind Stone and Talisman of Progress help you go off in a reasonable time, Opt and Silundi Vision help you find what you’re looking for and Teferi, Time Raveler lets you protect the combo from countermagic.


Thassa's OracleSelective Memory


The second combo is winning through Thassa’s Oracle. Since you aren’t playing any lands, Selective Memory lets you exile everything from your deck except for Thassa’s Oracle, which you can then draw and play next turn and win with an empty library, even if they kill it with the trigger on the stack. 


Path to ExileTimely ReinforcementsLeyline of SanctityMystical Dispute


The sideboard has some anti-aggro cards in the form of Path to Exile and Timely Reinforcements, but also white Leylines to protect you from discard and Mystical Dispute to fight through counterspells. I would like to see the fourth copy of Teferi in the 75 as well.


Treasure Map


One change you can probably make in the main deck is to cut Treasure Map, which is pretty slow and weak in general for a format as powerful as Modern.


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