Deck Highlight: Modern Spirits


Spirits is one of Modern’s best aggro/tempo decks. It’s not quite Delver in that you don’t look to land a threat and ride it to victory, you do need to take advantage of tribal synergies to deal enough damage to get over the line, but it has a similar playstyle thanks to some incredible cards.


Spell Queller is, for me, one of the most interactive cards in the game. If you think interaction is countermagic, boom, got you. If you think it’s creature combat, look at this 2/3 flier stapled to a counter! Beautiful.
Zendikar Rising has upped the power level of this deck, which may be enough to bring it back from tier two into the top level. Skyclave Apparition is a revelation, removal and a great body AND on-tribe. Glasspool Mimic might be even better. There often aren’t quite enough spirits that really make an impact, and Unsettled Mariner filled that gap for a while. The Mimic is a definite upgrade. Copying a Drogskol Captain or Supreme Phantom makes your team huge.


Play Bant or Azorius, both versions are strong and both benefit from the upgrades ZNR delivered. Plus spooky ghosts are a way more fun tribe than humans.
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