Deck Highlight: Modern Restore Balance

Suspend is a tough sell for Modern. In a format where games can end as early as turn 3, the prospects of spending mana on your spell, and then waiting four to six turns for it to be cast isn’t exactly appealing. But that’s when you’re using suspend fair and square. Some decks get a little more creative.

Modern Restore Balance - Fradev1988

Ancestral Vision, Crashing Footfalls, and Restore Balance cannot be cast from your hand, they can only be suspended. However, they have a converted mana cost of zero, which means that they can be cast immediately and effortlessly via As Foretold, Electrodominance, and Finale of Promise.

I’ve chosen to call this deck “Restore Balance.” The most brutal combination this deck can assemble is to cast the namesake card while a Greater Gargadon is suspended. This allows you to sacrifice all of your permanents and “Balance” both players down to nothing. Nothing, that is, other than the 9/7 haste creature that’s about to enter the battlefield and win the game for you.

That said, what’s going to impress you about this deck is how many cool things it can do without assembling that combo. In particular, Crashing Footfalls really packs a punch when you can cast it ahead of schedule. Goblin Guide attacking you on turn 2? How about a mid-combat Electrodominance into Crashing Footfalls, allowing you to kill the opposing attackers in combat, before cracking back with eight power worth of trample creatures.

This is a combo deck with multiple ways to assemble each half of the combo. Combo Piece A can be As Foretold or Electrodominance while Combo Piece B can be Restore Balance, Crashing Footfalls, or Ancestral Vision. Outside of that, you simply have a U/R Midrange deck complete with card drawing, permission spells, and Lightning Bolts. This gives you a healthy mix of powerful nut draws plus totally reasonable backup plans.

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