Deck Highlight: Modern Living End


Modern Living End by Heibing


The cascade decks are gone, we can all breathe again!

Well, yes and no. You can no longer cascade into Tibalt’s Trickery, nor cast the reverse side of double-faced cards on the cheap. That said, finding creative ways to cast Ancestral Vision, Restore Balance and Living End has always been a feature of Modern, and cascade can be a big part of that. Check out this cool deck that survived the recent bannings and rules changes.


Living EndForce of Negation


As mentioned, Living End is an old strategy in Modern, but the classic-style Living End decks were Jund colors. A major innovation here is centering around blue cards with the ability to support Force of Negation.

Casting cheap spells that don’t actually have converted mana cost less than three is always a deckbuilding challenge for cascade decks. Moreover, Living End protects against some of the fastest and most degenerate combos in Modern. 


Windcaller AvenCurator of MysteriesAs Foretold


In practice, this deck will spend its first two turns cycling big creatures like Windcaller Aven and Curator of Mysteries. Along the way, it might protect itself with Force of Negation. Once the graveyard is stacked, it can play a cascade spell which – by design – will always hit Living End, Wrathing the opponent’s board and dumping an avalanche of game-winning creatures on your side. If you’ve drawn a copy of Living End, you can also cast it for free via As Foretold. 



This deck has a nice mix of old and new, which is something that appeals to me in a format that’s been around as long as Modern has. Give it a try and have some fun! If your interests extend beyond Modern, be sure to tune into the MPL and Rivals League Play Weekend this Saturday and Sunday, which will feature Kaldheim Standard!


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