Deck Highlight: Modern Birgi Storm


Modern Birgi Storm by Artyom76


I’ve been loving Birgi, God of Storytelling in the Vintage Cube, as she adds a ton to Storm decks, and it’s no surprise to me that she’s found a home in Modern Storm as well. Despite most of the good red rituals being banned, Storm still persists, and the addition of Birgi is definitely worth taking a look at.


Header - The Game Plan

Cast Baral, Chief of Compliance, Birgi or Goblin Electromancer, making all of your spells cheaper. Use Gifts Ungiven to find Past in Flames and a bunch of rituals/Manamorphose, then cast a ton of spells, draw a ton of cards and finish with a Grapeshot.

This deck has no backup plan, unless you count Birgi beatdown, as it’s a true combo deck. It can go off as early as turn three, though turn four or five is more likely, and it has a bit of disruption to make sure it lives until then.


Header - Key Cards

Goblin ElectromancerBaral, Chief of ComplianceBirgi, God of Storytelling


These creatures are the true mana engines in the deck. They make rituals into actual Dark Rituals, they stack up really nicely with Past in Flames and if you untap with one, you almost always win. Birgi is especially nice because she can act as a card draw engine if you have a ton of mana, as Horn of Harnfell is a potent option to have.


Gifts UngivenPast in Flames


These are your heavy-hitting combo pieces. The typical Gifts pile is Past in Flames, Manamorphose, Pyretic Ritual and Desperate Ritual, though sometimes you have to toss a Noxious Revival or Grapeshot in there too. A normal curve is turn two Baral, turn three Gifts, turn four win, though a Ritual or two enables a turn three win.


Pyretic RitualManamorphoseDesperate Ritual


These are your mana generators, and the more of these you draw, the faster you can win. They are pretty anemic without a creature in play, but you still can stack them up in enough bulk and get there that way. Manamorphose is especially good at converting the tons of red mana you end up with into blue mana.


Sleight of HandSerum VisionsPieces of the PuzzleOpt


You need card draw to assemble your combo, and cheap card draw also pops off with Past in Flames. Ideally you lead with one of these every game, though that obviously won’t always work out.




Grapeshot isn’t just a win condition, it’s also early interaction. Killing one or two small creatures is a real play, and one you should be making fairly often. Remand and Repeal give you a little interaction, and work especially nicely with a Baral in play.


Header - Mulliganing

You really want to see cantrips and creatures in your opener, alongside one copy of Gifts. You can keep a hand without creatures, but it better have some good card draw to find them, as the deck really needs one in play.


Baral, Chief of ComplianceGifts UngivenGrapeshotSteam VentsSpirebluff CanalSnow-Covered IslandSnow-Covered Island


Keep. Baral and Gifts is a ton of action already, and having Grapeshot means you don’t even need to get your win condition.


RepealRemandOptShivan ReefPast in FlamesNoxious RevivalSerum Visions


Mulligan. It’s not just that this is a one-lander, it’s that even if you find lands with your cantrips, this hand doesn’t have Gifts or a creature, making it pretty slow.


Desperate RitualPyretic RitualManamorphoseGrapeshotSpirebluff CanalSpirebluff CanalGifts Ungiven


Keep. This hand can play a turn two or three Gifts, depending on how many rituals you want to spew, and that’s a pretty good start.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Always try and lead with a creature before you start going off. The sooner you get one down, the more mana you save.
  • It’s usually not worth playing a second Electromancer effect, but the sweet part about Birgi is that she stacks with Baral or Electromancer.
  • Horn of Harnfell is powerful, but expensive enough that you should probably be casting that side of Birgi about 20 percent of the time at most.


Header - Storming Off

I love playing Storm, and the addition of a sweet and fun card definitely has piqued my interest. I hope you enjoy making it rain as much as I do, and this deck certainly gives you a lot to boast about.


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