Deck Highlight: Modern 4C Brought Back

Mengu took a look at a Modern value machine in four-color Brought Back, which can do some absolutely awesome things thanks to its namesake card.

Modern 4C Brought Back

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Every Yorion, Sky Nomad pile these days in Modern is a 4 color deck featuring Omnath, Locus of Creation. Omnath is both an insanely good card advantage card, as well as fit the Incarnation Tribal decks very well being a card that you can pitch to Solitude, Fury and Endurance easily.

We’ve seen several different Omnath decks in Modern, from Eternal Witness + Ephemerate ), to Omnath Control, from YoRhinos to Glimpse of Tomorrow and today I’m introducing to you a new one, that @MordetoLight piloted to a Top8 at Sunday’s Modern Challenge: 4c Brought Back.

Brought Back

Brought Back is a card that went very much under the radar but it’s capable of very nasty stuff.

  • The most obvious one will be to pair this in a deck with several Fetchlands, so that you can go Turn1 and 2 Fetchland and cracking them both to get a double Rampant Growth on Turn2!
  • Much like Ephemerate it goes very well with the Incarnations, as you’re able to Evoke Fury or Solitude and bringing it back (together with a fetchland) and keeping into play along with an additional ETB effect.
  • Another sweet play that I got to make with this deck involved Showdown of the Skalds, since you’re able to play your Saga, and once its third chapter run out you can Bringing it back and get the additional 4 cards to play with.

Eladamri’s Call makes up for another whole lot of various things to do, from Eternal Witness loop with Ephemerate, to getting a key Endurance or Meddling Mage against a Combo deck.

There’s a lot to love with this deck if you love value!

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