Deck Highlight: Luis Gobern’s Boros Showdown


Standard Boros Showdown by Luis Gobern


Luis Gobern managed to take down the latest Standard Challenge, going 10-0 with this version of Boros Showdown.


Faceless Haven


This list focuses on making sure the mana works smoothly by not playing any double red cards like Goldspan Dragon or Embercleave and even tries to get away with playing two Faceless Haven, which has been one of the reasons why the low-to-the-ground aggro decks have been doing so well.


Showdown of the Skalds


At first, I was a little surprised at not seeing any of the top end cards, because especially with Showdown of the Skalds, the game does usually go longer than four or five turns. However, even just running a lot of cheap spells makes the card great as you’ll be able to distribute a lot of counters on your stuff and play most of your spells every time, rather than flipping two Goldspan Dragons with it and being unable to cast more than one spell.

In my opinion, Boros combines the best of both worlds from mono-red and mono-white. If the mana works, why restrict myself to only playing one of the colors?

In mono-red, cards like Fireblade Charger always make me want to just play a different deck, but here you just get to make sure you’re only playing the most solid creatures.

The only downside to being two colors is not being able to run four Faceless Haven, which I’ll admit is a pretty big loss.



Still, going 10-0 in a tournament that had Logan Nettles, Luis Salvatto and Levunga in the Top 8, amongst other big MTGO grinders, is a pretty good achievement and this deck definitely deserves a closer look.



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