Deck Highlight: Legacy Sneak and Show

Legacy Sneak and Show - raxraxraxraxrax

Sneak Attack and Show and Tell. Those are the namesake cards, for the uninitiated. And if you are new to this deck, I hope you enjoy playing a turn-two Emrakul. Yes, you heard me. Sneak and Show is a wild deck.

The gameplan is VERY simple. Get an opening hand with some ramp, like a Lotus Petal, some interaction in Force of Will, a copy of Emrakul, Omniscience or both and Show and Tell. That allows you to play Emrakul and with Omniscience out, whatever else you want as early as your second turn.

Of course the deck needs to find that combo, so there’s plenty of cantrips and a backup plan with Griselbrand that lets you draw tons of cards, as well as Sneak Attack if you can’t find the Show and Tell. It’s a tremendously fun deck to play, and a great introduction to the format if you’re new to Legacy.

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