Deck Highlight: Legacy Sharkstill


Legacy Sharkstill by DUKE12


Standstill is a fantastic card, and whenever it does well in Legacy it’s always something worth highlighting. This UW Sharkstill was a deck that Duke12 piloted to a Top 8 finish at the Legacy Showcase Challenge, a nine-round tournament that awarded eight spot for the MOCS Qualifier.

Control decks are taking multiple routes since Oko, Thief of Crowns and Arcum’s Astrolabe got banned. We’ve seen Bant Miracles, Grixis Control, Field of the Dead Control and now there’s a regular, old-school UW Control deck with Council’s Judgment and Supreme Verdict as catch-all answers and with Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Shark Typhoon as the only win conditions.


StandstillShark Typhoon


Standstill is your card advantage engine, since you’ll be able to cast it in an advantageous situation or at parity, which you’re able to break by simply cycling Shark Typhoon, putting your opponent on the spot and forcing them to answer your Shark token.


Mishra's FactoryHall of Heliod's Generosity


Usually, Standstill decks play creature-lands such as Mishra’s Factory, although Duke12 only has access to Hall of Heliod’s Generosity to be able to chain together Shark Typhoon or bring back Standstill when in need.



Last year, I recorded a Legacy video with a similar version of this deck that was relying on Replenish to create even more card advantage, although this is a more solid version capable of reaching the top spot in competitive tournaments.




It’s nice to see a copy of Moat in the main deck. It totally crushes certain deck strategies such as Sultai Delver, which has no way to destroy it and can only fly over it with Delver of Secrets.


From the Ashes


Another cool card in the sideboard is From the Ashes, which you can use a one-sided Armageddon since you have plenty of basic lands to fetch up for.


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