Deck Highlight: Legacy Mono-Red Painter


Legacy Mono-Red Painter by utley26


Ever since Painter’s Servant got printed, there have been decks looking to take advantage of the combo between it and Grindstone (you name a color, so Grindstone never misses and grinds their whole library away). I was delighted to see that someone is still painting with at least one color of the wind, as utley26 got third place in the Legacy Challenge with it last weekend.


Header - The Game Plan

Name blue with Painter’s Servant, enabling instant Grindstone wins and making Red Elemental Blast into a one-mana Counterspell/Vindicate split card. Use Karn, the Great Creator and various welding Goblins as backup and extra ways to assemble the combo.


Header - Key Cards

Painter's ServantGrindstone


Besides this being the combo, Servant makes Pyroblast and Red Blast into the best removal mana can buy. Painter’s Servant is critical to the deck’s success, which is part of the reason there are so many ways to find it.


Goblin WelderGoblin Engineer


This pair of Goblins helps bring back killed or countered combo pieces, juggles Lion’s Eye Diamond to generate mana and Engineer even tutors for both sides of your combo. Plus, they can both crew Smuggler’s Copter, which seems like a natural fit for Goblins.


Imperial RecruiterEnlightened Tutor


More tutors, more consistency, more painting the world blue. This deck is surprisingly consistent for mono-red combo, and these cards help a lot with that.


Karn, the Great Creator


Karn also gives you ways to find useful artifacts, and he can even lock down the opponent’s board if they’re foolish enough to be relying on artifacts themselves.


Red Elemental BlastPyroblast


These aren’t bad to play main-deck in Legacy as is, and this deck gets to justify six of them because of Painter. It’s nice having so much unconditional removal.


Header - Mulliganing

While ultimately you want to assemble the combo, most hands of cheap cards work out pretty well. This deck is super redundant, and it’s also fine starting with Smuggler’s Copter and a couple of Blasts too.


Ancient TombSmuggler's CopterLion's Eye DiamondPainter's ServantEthersworn CanonistPyroblastImperial Recruiter


Keep. Turn one Copter plus turn two Servant is a good start, and this hand kills quickly if it finds a Grindstone.


PyroblastRed Elemental BlastSimian Spirit GuideGreat FurnaceCity of TraitorsGoblin EngineerLotus Petal


Keep. This hand is much better against blue than anything else, but still has a fast Painter’s Servant to enable these Blasts even if you aren’t battling against blue.


Imperial RecruiterGoblin WelderLotus PetalMountainPlateauPyroblastAncient Tomb


Keep. Turn one Welder into turn two Recruiter with Petal up is good enough, even if you do need to draw a little more action.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - Grinding Out

This deck is an experience like no other. It’s mono-red combo that has counterspells, tutors and more, making it part of why Legacy is such a sweet format. Good luck to all you grinders out there, painting the world the color you envision it.



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