Deck Highlight: Legacy Mono-Green 12 Post

Legacy MonoG 12-Post - c-cream


MonoG 12-Post has always been a deck in Legacy, to fight the Control strategies such as Miracles in the past and 4c Snowko today.

The player c-cream did a great job in Top 8ing Eternal Weekend with a 9-1 record with this list.

9 months ago I made a Legacy veedeo with a similar version of this deck that I found quite entertaining.

The main goal of the deck is to ramp as much mana as possible, using Cloudpost, Vesuva and Glimmerpost together with 4 copies of Candelabra of Tawnos to ramp even more mana to exploit Karn, the Great Creator and various Eldrazi to win the game with.

While Candelabra of Tawnos is one of the most expensive Magic cards in paper, on MTGO it’s just over 1 tix, making this deck way more accessible on Magic Online.

Wasteland will be your enemy number one, and that’s why you see 3 Pithing Needle and 4 Crop Rotation as a way to play around that powerful land destruction to ensure that our ramping plan sails smooth.

I enjoy playing 12 Post at times, while it does feel quite bad against Combo it’s pretty good against the various slow strategies that are very popular in Legacy these days, as we saw even Temur Delver is replacing Tarmogoyfs with Sylvan Library, and when the format slows down 12 Post thrives!




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