Deck Highlight: Legacy Elves

Legacy Elves - Oliver_Hart

Elves are the best tribe in Magic. You may think humans have game, but no, it’s elves. The absolutely absurd power of Legacy Elves proves it.

The gameplan is pretty simple. Pour tiny green creatures onto the battlefield and ramp into a threat that makes them all enormous. Craterhoof Behemoth is the classic weapon of choice for this, with numerous ways to tutor it up in Green Sun’s Zenith and Natural Order. Glimpse of Nature keeps the cards coming and of course, Gaea’s Cradle ramps you to victory at an incredible pace.

A really nice recent addition that’s helped keep Elves near the top of the Legacy metagame is Allosaurus Shepherd. This one-drop from Jump Start is an uncounterable creature that makes your other creatures uncounterable AND pumps your team. It’s an insanely good addition to the deck, basically looking like someone designed a card just for Legacy Elves.

So, who in R&D is the big elves fan?

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