Deck Highlight: Legacy Doomsday


Legacy Doomsday by Luis Scott-Vargas


I have a soft spot for the card Doomsday. It’s a hard card to play well, and a powerful card if you can, which is the sort of thing I’m definitely in for. I took a Doomsday deck through its paces recently (the video will be up soon), and thought it was sweet enough to write about as well.


Header - The Game Plan

Cast Doomsday and win the game… or die trying. That’s literally all this deck does – there’s no backup plan, no alternate win conditions, nothing. In the game of Doomsday, you win or you die.

Let’s run through the most common combo setups:


Ideas Unbound

In this case, you get a pile like the following:


Ideas UnboundLion's Eye DiamondStreet WraithCavern of SoulsThassa's Oracle


The only thing that really matters is that Ideas Unbound is your top card and Thassa’s Oracle the bottom. You cast Ideas, draw three and play Lion’s Eye Diamond. You then cycle Street Wraith or cast Ponder, crack LED in response, draw Oracle and play it.

If you have enough mana, you can skip LED and get Flusterstorm or some other piece of disruption instead.


Cycling x3


Here, you get these cards:


Street WraithEdge of AutumnThassa's OracleCavern of SoulsLotus Petal


The last two cards don’t matter really, as all you’re doing is cycling until you hit Oracle with two cards under it (this is assuming you have enough mana to cast it already). If you have an extra cycling card already in hand, you can even move Cavern up and have an uncounterable Oracle.

Those two piles are the most common ones, though sometimes you get extra lands or pieces of disruption if you’re worried about opposing answers. Post-board, you also can sometimes get a bounce spell or the like.

The printing of Thassa’s Oracle is the best thing to happen to Doomsday in years, and the piles you get to win with Doomsday are now better and easier. Once you know those two, you’re 90 percent of the way there, with the rest of the piles being corner cases.


Header - Key Cards



Duh. You can’t win a game where you don’t cast this.


Dark RitualLotus Petal


These let you cast Doomsday earlier and are key at outracing the opponent.


Personal TutorBrainstormPonder


The tutor is fifth through eighth copy of Doomsday, with the upside of being pitchable to Force of Will. The eight cantrips help find what you’re missing, and give this deck the consistency it needs.


Force of Will (Borderless)DazeThoughtseizeDuress


These cards fill the dual roles of protecting your combo and stopping whatever the opponent is up to. Legacy offers some fantastic disruptive cards and this deck uses them nicely.


This deck needs to have Doomsday, Personal Tutor or some blue cantrips for a keepable hand. Luckily, that’s 17 cards, so it’s pretty tough to find a hand that doesn’t have any of those. The faster the better, as this is not a deck that does well by sitting around.


PonderBrainstormDuressUnderground SeaDark RitualDark RitualEdge of Autumn


Keep. I’d lead on Ponder, unless you know they’re a fast combo deck, in which case you can lead on Duress.


Dark RitualPersonal TutorMisty RainforestPolluted DeltaDazeUnderground SeaStreet Wraith


Keep. This hand is quite good, even if it has a lot of lands. Turn one you can tutor for Doomsday, and cast it on turn two with Daze backup.


Force of Will (Borderless)DazeUnderground SeaPolluted DeltaStreet WraithLotus PetalLotus Petal


Mulligan. This hand doesn’t go anywhere and is missing both Doomsday and card draw.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Get familiar with the various Doomsday piles you want. Keep in mind that the opponent can Wasteland you, make you discard or have a counter, and get piles that play around those (by getting lands, disruption or Cavern of Souls).
  • Make sure to fetch out lands before casting Doomsday, as you won’t have lands left post-DDay. Likewise, you can use lands to thin your deck after Doomsday for some fancy kills.
  • Life payments before casting Doomsday are half off, since you’re about to lose half your life. Sometimes, you want to cycle Wraith before that as a result.
  • When in doubt, GO FOR IT. This deck is not one that gets better as the game goes long, so you should basically just be jamming.


Header - Doom Foretold

I really enjoy this deck. Keep an eye out for that video, as I had a blast, and I hope this helps encourage you to take a chance on an admittedly strange deck. It’s less hard to play than it used to be, and very satisfying.


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