Deck Highlight: Historic Lotus Field Gearhulk

Historic UWr Gearhulk by Daniela Diaz (h0lydiva)

My first thought when I saw this deck from h0lydiva was “Wow, that’s a lot of really expensive cards.” Also, Sultai surely has been very popular lately, but four Tale’s End is a very aggressive number. What’s going on here?

Then I noticed the four Lotus Field. Now it all makes perfect sense!


Tale's EndLotus Field

Tale’s End currently has a lot of very juicy targets in Historic and it also perfectly lines up to counter your Lotus Field trigger on turn three so you don’t have to sacrifice any lands and ramp up straight to six mana on turn four!


Blood Sun

Blood Sun also works well with Lotus Field and, as a bonus, turns off your opponent’s Fabled Passage and utility lands like Ramunap Ruins and Castle Locthwain


Sublime EpiphanyTorrential Gearhulk

With all this mana, you can start getting some value from your expensive cards and nothing is better to get value from than Sublime Epiphany and Torrential Gearhulk. 


Shark TyphoonValakut Awakening // Valakut Stoneforge

You’ll appreciate Shark Typhoon against other control and midrange decks and I also somewhat like the idea behind Valakut Awakening. You can get some clunky draws with this deck if you don’t draw the cards in the right order so being able to cycle some of them away is nice. 


Narset, Parter of Veils

I also quite like Narset in this deck because not only is she great against Sultai but there are a lot of nice situational cards to find. 


Sweltering SunsAbrade

The removal package is also very nice because you can cycle away Sweltering Suns when you don’t need it and Abrade can take care of Witch’s Oven against the sacrifice decks or Paradox Engine against combo. 


Spirebluff CanalInspiring Vantage

The mana base seems a little bit all over the place though, so I would suggest taking a close look at it. I don’t think this kind of deck wants the fastlands, especially Inspiring Vantage, as there isn’t anything white you want to be casting in the early turns anyway. I would suggest trying out more checklands such as Sulfur Falls, Glacial Fortress and Clifftop Retreat

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