Deck Highlight: Historic Jeskai Opus Gearhulk

Arne Huschenbeth's Jeskai Opus Gearhulk


Historic Magma Opus Jeskai by Arne Huschenbeth


Arne made Top 8 of the Historic $5k tournament by Insight Esports this weekend with his version of Historic Jeskai Opus Gearhulk deck that’s trying to abuse Magma Opus by casting it from the graveyard. There are more combo-ish versions with Mizzix’s Mastery that are trying to do that as soon as turn three, but this deck is the exact opposite of that.


Magma OpusTorrential Gearhulk


You’re essentially an Azorius Control deck that wants to slow the game down with counters and removal and eventually win the game by getting all the value with Torrential Gearhulks, flashing back those Magma Opus you can turn into Treasures early on.


Lightning HelixMemory LapseShark Typhoon


Lightning Helix is another new card that’s great against aggro and works well with Gearhulk. A nice upside is that it can also target planeswalkers, so you have additional ways to deal with annoying cards like Narset and Faceless Haven.

I like that Arne chose to move the Shark Typhoons to the sideboard. With Torrential Gearhulk and Magma Opus, this deck seems to have plenty late-game cards already and shouldn’t have trouble closing games.

One thing I’m not a huge fan of are the two copies of Memory Lapse. I understand wanting a two-mana counter you can play after untapping two lands with a turn five Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, but I think I would rather add another Saw It Coming or metagame a little bit with a few copies of Dovin’s Veto.



Finding the right mix of counters and removal won’t be easy, but if you manage to get it right, you have an incredibly powerful deck that should be well positioned thanks to all the counters in the metagame that seems very combo oriented right now. 


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