Deck Highlight: Historic Izzet Opus


Historic Izzet Opus by Andrew Jessup


I got crushed by a similar deck on the Arena ladder while trying out the new Historic cards yesterday and I thought it looked really cool.


Magma OpusMizzix's Mastery


The main idea is to just discard Magma Opus from your hand on turn two and make a Treasure token. Once you do that, you can cast Mizzix’s Mastery on turn three to exile and play Magma Opus from your graveyard, usually resulting in clearing your opponent’s side of the table, making a 4/4 token and drawing two cards. That’s a pretty solid deal and a good board position.


Torrential GearhulkIndomitable CreativityPrismari CommandBrainstorm


Another way to abuse Magma Opus is to use it for a Treasure token, play a little bit of a controlling game with some usual Izzet interactive cards and then use Torrential Gearhulk to flashback Magma Opus at instant speed! 

This deck is going even deeper by using Indomitable Creativity, which you can use to target the Treasure token and get yourself a Torrential Gearhulk even faster.

Cards like Brainstorm and Prismari Command help you find your missing pieces more consistently, Memory Lapse slows your opponent down and Magma Spray and Sweltering Suns makes sure you can keep your opponent’s side of the board in check in case they want to get very aggressive.

Overall, I like this deck because it seems like there’s still a lot of space for innovation and creativity. I also really like that Magma Opus can be used to create a Treasure token, which is definitely a lot better than playing some crazy combo deck with eight-mana cards that you can never cast unless you actually get to eight mana.



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