Deck Highlight: Historic Double Splinter Twin


Historic Double Splinter Twin by Mason Clark and Ashlizzlle


This new Historic deck from Mason Clark and Ashlizzlle has two main combos in it.



Combo 1: Demonic Pact + Harmless Offering

Demonic PactHarmless Offering


Play Demonic Pact, use the first three triggers to your advantage and then use Harmless Offering to give the Pact to your opponent when the only last remaining choice is “lose the game.”


Combo 2: Valki, God of Lies + Release to the Wind

Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic ImpostorRelease to the Wind


Play Valki as the front side, then use Release to the Wind on turn three to exile him from the game. Then, play him as Tibalt from the exile zone without paying his  mana cost and voila! You just got yourself a seven-mana planeswalker on turn three.

The rest of the deck is some of the best interaction Historic has to offer. Thoughtseize is the best discard spell and Fatal Push is the most efficient removal spell, although I would like to see something like a Fabled Passage in the deck to easily enable revolt. 



Is this deck Tier 1? Probably not, but it’s capable of some very powerful things and it looks fun, so I definitely recommend trying it out if you like off-meta decks with potential.


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