Deck Highlight: Historic Dimir Rogues

Historic Dimir Rogues by Ben Stark

This deck aims to mimic Standard Rogues, using cheap and efficient creatures combined with removal, card advantage and even discard to gain advantage and tempo. I would consider Rogues to be a hybrid aggro-control deck, providing consistent pressure while also able to answer opposing threats.

There are some good reasons to try this deck. Ben Stark says it’s a good Historic deck, to the point of putting his proverbial money where his mouth is by registering it for the Zendikar Rising Championship. This is also a perfect deck for someone who might be really interested in Historic, but has mostly played Standard. There aren’t a lot of cards in the deck that aren’t a direct port over from Standard, meaning it might cost a few fewer wild cards in order to craft than some other Historic staples, offering a more economical way to play the format.

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