Deck Highlight: Historic Colorless Ramp

Historic Colorless Ramp - Anthony Arevalo


This is Anthony Arevalo’s list from the Redbull Untapped Finals tournament last weekend.

Colorless Ramp is a new Historic deck that is trying to go over the top of the other midrange strategies with cards like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Thanks to Mind Stone, Guardian Idol, Hedron Archive and a new addition from Zendikar Rising, Forsaken Monument, you are casting these big cards way ahead of schedule.

Monument pretty much works like a Mirari’s Wake in this deck, making all your lands produce two mana instead of one.

Speaking of lands, this deck is playing a nice assortment of utility lands that are able to gain you extra life to buy you more time (Beacon, Radiant Fountain), contain your some of opponent’s early aggression (Blast Zone) or even work as a finisher (Crawling Barrens). I would strongly consider adding two more Blast Zone to play a full playset, as it seems to me like one of the best available colorless lands for a deck like this.

Karn, the Great Creator gives this deck maindeck access to cards like Grafdigger’s Cage, which is your best weapon against decks like Jund Sacrifice and Rakdos Arcanist. You will also appreciate having access to Platinum Angel, which is game over against decks like Azorius Auras.

Overall, I think this deck can be a little too slow against the aggressive strategies like Gruul or Mono-Red, but it can be a great choice against all the other midrange decks in the format, especially now that everyone is playing maindeck Aether Gusts, which do nothing against you.



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