Deck Highlight: Historic Azorius Affinity

This is a Historic take on the classic Affinity archetype, in this case, Azorius Affinity.

Hisotirc Azorius Affinity

For those who are more or less exclusively Arena players, affinity was a mechanic, most commonly used as “Affinity for artifacts”, which meant that for each artifact you control, the spell cost 1 less to cast.  It exists in this deck only on Thought Monitor, so not exactly an affinity deck, but that mechanic has caused people to cause many decks that focus on artifacts as affinity, over the years.

This deck uses a large number of artifacts plus cards like Ingenious Smith and Nettlecyst to get a lot of value from those artifacts.  We have Ingenious Smith plus Reverse Engineer and Thought Monitor to get card advantage and Metallic Rebuke for interaction. Of course, the deck is succeptible to interaction that destroys artifacts, but such is life. The Set Championship is in a week and a half, and half that tournament is historic, so maybe this is a deck we could expect.

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