Deck Highlight: Gabriel Nassif’s Standard Abzan Yorion


Standard Abzan Yorion by Gabriel Nassif


Gabriel Nassif surprised everyone by bringing to the tables of the Magic Pro League Weekly Play a brew of his that was geared to prey on the aggro metagame which he predicted and that showed up.


EliminateHeartless ActGlass CasketArchon of Sun's Grace


His deck is as tuned as much as possible to beat these aggro decks with 11 two-mana removal spells and four copies of Archon of Sun’s Grace to go over them.



It’s similar to my deck of choice, Esper Doom, but with a slightly better matchup against aggro and a much worse matchup against control.


Lithoform Blight


Lithoform Blight is also a cool addition to replace Golden Egg and Omen of the Sea. It’s an enchantment to trigger constellation and it shuts off Faceless Haven.


Yasharn, Implacable EarthBinding the Old Gods


The splash for green for Binding the Old Gods is basically free, and on top of it, Nassif added Yasharn, Implacable Earth, which stops the protection abilities of Selfless Savior and Alseid of Life’s Bounty.



While this deck isn’t going to dominate Standard, it was a nice meta call and I’m happy to see that not all the MPL players chose to register safe and strong decks, instead going for an odd meta choice.


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