Deck Highlight: Fabrizio Anteri’s Standard Bant Tokens


Standard Bant Tokens by Fabrizio Anteri


When looking for some inspiration for Standard, I noticed this interesting take on the tokens deck by Fabrizio Anteri. 


NegateDisdainful StrokeFae of Wishes


Instead of playing red for Bonecrusher Giant and Showdown of the Skalds, his list focuses more on having strong sideboard cards against Sultai in the form of counters like Negate and Disdainful Stroke, which you can actually get into your hand in Game 1 as well thanks to Fae of Wishes

I have to say that making the deck stronger against Sultai makes sense right now, as it keeps being the most played deck every time I check the metagame breakdown from most tournaments. 


Felidar RetreatToski, Bearer of Secrets


Losing Bonecrusher is pretty big, but you can somewhat replace Showdown with Felidar Retreat. With Toski, Bearer of Secrets in the deck, you don’t really want to play more four-drops, so these cards would already clash with Showdown anyway, so that does not seem like a huge loss.

Another upside of going in this direction is that your deck gets a lot better against Drannith Magistrate, which otherwise gives the Naya Tokens deck a very hard time. 



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