Deck Highlight: Standard Dimir Mill

Standard Dimir Mill - Stephen Dykman


This is a good old fashioned Mill deck.  “Milling” comes from the card Millstone, the win condition in the original mill decks.  The deck aims to run our opponent out of cards in their library, and win via them being unable to draw a card when they’re supposed to, and losing the game.

It’s hard to really call this any specific archetype, but I guess maybe you could best consider it to be a combo deck.  The combo is sort of just Ruin Crab and lands or Teferi’s Tutelage and drawing cards. It’s not a combo in the true sense of the word, of course, but I still think it’s closer to combo than any of the “normal” archetypes.

I picked this deck for today because winning through alternate means is always fun and milling might be efffective in a format against a card like Omnath, which is often played with cards like Escape to the Wilds and Genesis Ultimatum which dig deep into their own deck. Ruin Crab also lines up well against a lot of the removal floating around; notably the three toughness avoids both Bonecrusher Giant and Spikefield Hazard.

Finally, this deck looks really fun!

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