Deck Highlight: Death’s Shadow


New tools mean classic decks get a fresh chance to shine. Death’s Shadow is arguably the biggest benefactor from Zendikar Rising thanks to one card: Scourge of the Skyclaves.


No card perfectly matches a deck quite like Scourge matches Shadow. It’s basically your fifth to eighth copies, powering up an already powerful deck. The Shadow playstyle is exciting, edge of your seat stuff, so it’s fantastic to see the deck get a bump in power to help it compete with the lifegain that’s threatening to overrun the format, the game and perhaps even the world.


Not much else has changed about the deck, but this list runs a one-of Agadeem’s Awakening, which is a pretty spicy way to get back into the game should you fall behind. Otherwise, it’s vintage Modern Shadow. Hurt yourself to drop a giant creature and quickly finish the game.


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