Deck Highlight: Ashlizzlle’s Historic Snow Vampires


Historic Snow Vampires by Ashlizzlle


Ashley made it all the way to Mythic #4 with her new take on Historic Vampires.



Faceless Haven definitely looks like a great improvement for any monocolor aggro deck, though I would like to see a few more snow sources, probably cutting the Bojuka Bog and some Castle Locthwain


Phyrexian Obliterator


Similarly, I think you have to make a decision between running Phyrexian Obliterators or Faceless Haven, otherwise casting Obliterator on turn four with just 19 black sources is going to be too difficult. It’s possible that Obliterator is just better than Haven though, especially if there suddenly are a lot more aggro decks now that Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is banned.

Overall, I’m pretty sure that aggro is going to start seeing a lot more play and monoblack definitely has some nice things going for it. 


Vicious ConquistadorSanctum Seeker


I would like to see a slightly lower curve with some extra one-drops like Vicious Conquistador to maximize the power of Faceless Haven. If you feel like you don’t need the Obliterator, then Sanctum Seeker is probably a solid replacement. 

In the sideboard, I would suggest having the fourth Fatal Push and some Duresses, which are going to be amazing against U/W Control with a bunch of sweepers.



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