Deck Guide Update: Lurrus Jund

Only two months ago Modern Horizons Two was released on MTGO. It feels like it’s been so much longer. This has been Modern’s golden age of deck building. The last two months have been full of creative decklists, innovation from lots of talented players, and engaging and diverse gameplay. It’s been great to see the Modern community rejuvenated and engaged in the for the first time in a long time, and It still feels like there’s so much to do!

But before we continue to move forward, I thought I would be nice to look back at one of the first lists I worked on.

Lurrus Jund - Aspiringspike

Looking back at this deck it’s funny to see how similar it is to a lot of lists I’m still playing today.

It’s also painfully clear that when I put this list together that I had never cast a Dragon’s Rage Channeler. (I also think I put together this list and wrote the article about it before unholy heat was even spoiled)

Since I wrote about this list I’ve played a LOT of Black/Red/x Midrange decks. Rakdos, Mardu, Grixis, and of course Jund. I’ve written a lot about them too, and I generally consider all of these versions to be variants of the same deck. I also consider this Black/Red/x midrange deck to not only be one of the best decks in Modern, but also an archetype that will reward you for mastering all the different variants as they all have strengths and weaknesses.

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