Deck Guide: Standard Jund Dragons

This Standard Jund Dragons list originally comes from Marcio Carvalho, who made a deep run with it in one of the RedBull tournaments. My only changes were cutting 2 Immersturm Predators for 2 Halana and Alena.

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Jund Dragons - Martin Juza

Halana and Alena is a card that looks really strong on paper and to investigate if it’s actually that great in practice. It competes with other great 4-drops like Esika’s Chariot and Ulvenwald Oddity and you can only put so many expensive cards in your deck. Even in this list I had to cut 2 Predators, which are really good in this list.

After playing with this list for a while, I can say it’s really good. There are a couple of reasons why I like this deck.


1) Unlike other creature decks like Monogreen and Monowhite, this deck has a way to break through board stalls. Goldspan Dragon and Immersturm Predator fly over your opponent’s blockers, no matter how big they are. Reckless Stormseeker and Halana make your creatures bigger and give them haste. Halana especially makes your smaller creatures into big threats, which is a really big deal because they get outclassed really quickly. I am not a fan of Prosperous Innkeeper in this format, because it often feels like investing two mana into a Lotus Petal, but Halana immediately turns it into a 3/3 on turn 3 and leaves you with 2 threats in play.

2) This deck has a real sideboard. Again, unlike Monogreen, which has to play weak cards like Outland Liberator and Tangletrap just because there just isn’t anything better in the format, you can find some real bangers in this sideboard. White has a similar problem, Valorous Stance is a great addition and you will appreciate cards like Brutal Cathar and Skyclave Apparition out of the sideboard against creature decks, but that’s about it. Ray of Enfeeblement is incredible against white, Burning Hands is incredible against Green and Go Blank and Duress are great against the blue decks.

3) Even though it is a 3-color deck, it has really good mana. Three Pathways, 2 duals, Jaspera Sentinel and treasures from Magda and Innkeeper make sure you can easily cast double-colored spells from all colors.

4) There are a lot of mana sources in this deck, but there are also a lot of mana sinks. In addition to all the expensive cards, you also have 4 Shatterskull Smashing, 2 Valki and 2 Lair of the Hydra to put your extra mana into.

All in all, this deck is ticking all the boxes for me.


Some changes I can see making:

  • Adding 1 more Lair of the Hydra. Manlands are great and it is always nice to have more mana sinks.
  • Cutting Valki. I haven’t been too impressed by the card. It is weak in the creature matchups and against control I would rather have something faster.
  • Cutting Briarbridge Tracker out of the sideboard for something more high impact.
  • Adding the 4th Reckless Stormseeker. I’ve really liked this card so far in this format and it is even better here with all the busted 4-drops.


Jaspera Sentinel + Magda

In case you somehow haven’t seen this two-card combo in the last set, the idea is to play Sentinel on turn 1, Magda on turn 2 and use the Sentinel to tap both to get one mana and a treasure. This allows you to immediately play another 2-drop or have an extra treasure in play to possibly cast a 5-drop on turn 3.

Reckless Stormseeker + Esika’s Chariot

– With Stormseeker in play, you can play Chariot on turn 4, use the tokens to crew it and immediately give it haste with Stormseeker. This lets you attack for 7, copy another token and end the turn with 12 power in play.

Magda + Esika’s Chariot

– Even if you are not using the Chariot to attack, you can always crew it with Magda even in your opponent’s turn to get a treasure.


Keep in mind that Magda has a second ability. If you manage to get 5 treasures into play, you can trade them for a Goldspan Dragon or Immersturm Predator out of your deck.

You can grow your Immersturm Predator by sacrificing a creature at the end of your opponent’s turn even if you weren’t attacking with it that turn. This often comes up when you are trying to do lethal damage next turn and you need every extra point you can get.




On the play

Out: 2 Innkeeper, 2 Valki

In: 3 Ray of Enfeeblement, 1 Burning Hands


On the draw

Out: 2 Reckless Stormseeker, 2 Magda, 2 Innkepeer

In: 3 Ray of Enfeeblement, 3 Burning Hands




Out: 1 Magda, 1 Innkeeper, 1 Lolth, 2 Valki

In: 3 Burning Hands, 1 Briarbridge Tracker, 1 Wrenn



Izzet Dragons

Out: 2 Valki, 2 Innkeeper, 4 Jaspera Sentinel

In: 4 Duress, 3 Go Blank, 1 Tracker



Izzet Hullbreaker

Out: 2 Valki, 2 Innkeeper, 2 Jaspera Sentinel, 2 Predator

In: 4 Duress, 3 Go Blank, 1 Tracker



Izzet Epiphany

Out: 3 Infernal Grasp, 2 Innkeeper, 2 Jaspera Sentinel, 1 Predator

In: 4 Duress, 3 Go Blank, 1 Tracker




Out: 3 Infernal Grasp, 2 Innkeeper, 2 Jaspera Sentinel, 1 Predator

In: 4 Duress, 3 Go Blank, 1 Tracker


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