D-Spirit Realm Cards

Choosing the right cards to build a deck around in D-Spirits can be complicated, but there are several cards that help point you in the right direction. While building around individual D-Spirits in your D-Squad deck is often the right way to start, you can further strengthen these key squad members with the focus of today’s article: Realm cards. The D-Spirits rules for realm cards are noted as the following:

“These are cards when placed on the Battlefield, change the scope of the environment. Realm cards add additional effects that usually power up certain D-Spirit types, while also increasing/decreasing the stats of certain D-spirits as well. To play a Realm card you must bid your Spirit Points starting at whatever number is designated on the card. Your opponent has the chance to negate the activation of a Realm card if they agree to bid Spirit Points higher than you would.”

Effectively, these cards empower your squad, but do so at the potential cost of a large chunk of life that you choose to bid. Interestingly, the opponent getting the option to counter these effects by outbidding you has some fun strategic considerations. With the right mind games, you may be able to get your opponent to bid themselves into the grave if you think you can win without the realm card on the field. Of course, if you do win the bidding war, you’ve theoretically set yourself up with a massive advantage by thoroughly juicing your most powerful D-Spirits. 

Key Realms to Consider

Highskys may be my favorite realm card, as it essentially enables an entire archetype of wind type aggro deck. An aggro, or aggressive, deck is one that’s designed to deal as much damage as it can directly to the opponent, as quickly as possible. Highskys enables exactly this kind of strategy for a deck built around wind type spirits. Sure, you have to pay the initial spirit point cost for the realm itself, and then you pay still more to get in for direct damage, but it’s not hard to start coming out ahead in the spirit point exchange. Remember, your spirit point total ultimately doesn’t matter as long as the game ends with your opponent at 0!

Ocean Blues is unique in that it is one of the only realm card that powers up just one type of D-Spirit. If you want to go mono-water with your D-Squad deck, this represents the ultimate payoff. To top it off, this powers down some popular D-Spirit types and makes it so your chosen type can’t be destroyed by the most common source of removal in the game: Signal and Sign Cards. Essentially, this realm card takes away almost every downside to building around just one type, though it does nake it many times more important that you actually win the bidding war, and your opponent probably knows it.

Most of my favorite D-Spirits are Mischief, Undead, or Earth types, so it’s unsurprising that Dark Cavern jumps out at me as a potential build around card. The stat buff matters more to me in this occasion, but the additional protection for mischievous D-Spirits can become quite the big deal. Unlike the previous highlights above, however, because Dark Cavern can more safely be used “just” for stats, you can more reliably try to use it to force the opponent to bid themselves to death. Dark Cavern essentially becoming a damage source either way is all upside for you, making it a card that I would strongly recommend so long as you have a critical mass of the relevant types. 

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