Crokeyz’s Tournament Winner! Standard Orzhov Control


Standard Orzhov Control by Felipe Landim




The first weekend of Innistrad: Crimson Vow Standard has come and gone, and the Red Bull Untapped and Crokeyz’s tournament showed a dominance of aggressive decks, both green and white, and a poor performance for the Alrund’s Epiphany decks. However, Felipe Landim correctly foresaw the aggressive metagame and piloted this Orzhov Control deck to a 9-0 score, winning the Crokeyz Crimson Vow tournament! And what a metagame call that was, with the Top 8 being only green, white or Selesnya aggro decks.

In Best-of-One Standard, a format dominated by Mono-White and Mono-Green, I was in love with Mono-Black Control, using cheap value creatures to stop the early attacker and Blood on the Snow and Lolth, Spider Queen to go over the top of my opponent’s creature decks. Orzhov Control is reminiscent of that strategy, with some new inclusions.


Edgar, Charmed Groom // Edgar Markov's CoffinEyetwitchDeadly Dispute

Edgar, Charmed Groom is the biggest addition to this deck. Despite a grand total of zero other Vampires, Edgar is a value card, able to survive to removal by becoming an artifact that will then return him to the battlefield.

Professor of Symbology, Eyetwitch and Shambling Ghast are your cheap plays with Deadly Dispute ready to get some value and ramp you to a backbreaking The Meathook Massacre or Blood on the Snow.

This deck would naturally struggle against blue decks, but if the metagame keeps being so aggressive, Orzhov Control is a great place to be!


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