Creativity or Cascade? Why Not Both! Modern Creative Cascade


Modern Creative Rhinos by MeninoNey



Can’t decide between Indomitable Creativity and Temur Cascade? Don’t worry – this deck has you covered since it’s smashing the two together in order to get the consistency of Temur Cascade, paired with the explosiveness of Indomitable Creativity! I originally found this Creative Cascade deck from MeninoNey’s stream and toyed a bit with a few slots and I loved the idea!

Crashing FootfallsIndomitable CreativityArchon of Cruelty

Because of the cascade restriction, you can’t play any zero, one or two-drops that aren’t Crashing Footfalls, and because of Indomitable Creativity, you can’t play with creature or artifacts that aren’t Archon of Cruelty. This leaves you with a few pieces of interaction to choose from such as Force of Negation, Fire // Ice and Prismari Command.

Assault // Battery

A card that I added to the deck was Assault // Battery, which is a sorcery speed Shock to kill a Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer or a Dragon’s Rage Channeler on turn one as well as be a green card for the four Force of Vigor in the sideboard. On rare occasions, it’s even a Hill Giant!

Indomitable Creativity won’t only target Dwarves and Treasure tokens in this deck – you also have the option to target your Rhino or Elephant tokens. Leveling them up to an Archon of Cruelty is indeed a nice feature of this deck.


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