Creating a Chronoclasm with Sevinne Tokens

You’re never too old to go back to school and pick up a few new tricks, and Strixhaven is a great place to stop in and pick up a few courses for any mage looking to round out their repertoire. Sevinne, the Chronoclasm is already a solidly capable spellcaster, but perhaps a few lessons in tactics from Lorehold archaeomancers or inspiration from the Prismari artists can turn this lone Wizard into a capable leader of a token army, fueled in a distinctly Jeskai manner. Let’s look at Jeskai’s new look with some Sevinne tokens.



Sevinne, the Chronoclasm

Magecraft opens up a few neat tricks thanks to triggering on both casting and copying instants and sorceries, so a leader like Sevinne that adds a few of those copies to the mix on their own can really push the value you can eke out of these cards. Combine that with multiple ways to cast cards from your graveyard, sometimes repeatedly, and on both your own and other players’ turns, and you can get maximum value out of every spell. Sevinne even has some resilience, dodging all damage-based removal to make the five-mana 2/2 body a bit less of a liability, and even makes firing off a damaging board wipe of your own a little less painful.


Sevinne Tokens by Lee Livingston

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Sevinne’s revamped list after all his coursework looks like a typical spellslinger build at first blush, but rather than working toward an explosive finish in a flurry of damaging instants and sorceries, the spells are primarily geared toward controlling the board and drawing cards while triggering an absolute slew of token-makers. It’s very easy to be at a point where every cast of a spell is creating two or three tokens without any other help, and Anointed Procession only makes it nuttier. There are a few ways in the mix to buff the army, and a few combos tucked away as well to help go over the top when necessary, even out of nowhere.


Header - Token Makers

While they come in a variety of flavors, the core of this list is the token production tacked on to casting instants and sorceries. Young Pyromancer and Murmuring Mystic are classic standbys, with Deekah joining as well, capable of making some much larger beaters and pushing a few through if needed.

The exact triggers vary in a few other spots as well, with Thalia’s Geistcaller and Quintorius, Field Historian triggering off spells specifically being cast or generally leaving the graveyard, with their own bits of spice tacked on top. Even Kykar, Wind’s Fury makes an appearance, adding another option for both redundancy and acceleration, while also playing nice with both the Geistcaller and Quintorious.


Header - Magecrafting

Netting advantage off of copying spells and not just the initial cast adds so much more value to Sevinne’s triggered ability, not that it needed much help. It does mean that the deck can skew towards cheaper spells to recast rather than bigger, flashier ones, since more of the value is placed on the triggered effects rather than just the copy of the spell itself.

Leonin Lightscribe is one of the best, buffing the entire team substantially off of something as simple as flashing back a Think Twice with Sevinne in play. A few more spells and you can casually add a pseudo-Overrun to the back of a string of card draw and removal for free.

On the other end, Ral, Storm Conduit doesn’t have magecraft, but his ability is worded exactly the same, so he counts. His trigger is one of the few ways the deck can even attempt to win without combat, and honestly should likely be held back unless he’s needed for that reason.

The Prismari precon gave Sevinne a great new friend in Veyran, Voice of Duality. They give an extra copy of a spell from Sevinne, extra tokens from most of your other cards and can grow to mammoth proportions in no time at all.


Header - Card Advantage

Plargg, Dean of Chaos // Augusta, Dean of OrderVega, the WatcherSpellseeker

It’s not enough to just have card draw spells, though. A deck like this with a lower ceiling on individual card power that relies instead on assembling a density of synergistic pieces really wants to double down on card advantage.

Plargg, Dean of Chaos does a great job of that with both of his abilities, either dumping a flashback or retrace spell in the yard to draw a fresh one and set yourself up for maximum advantage or just acting as a mana sink to rip through to a spell off the top. The backside is even great as an extra anthem if you’re needing to pump the team.

Vega, the Watcher is a great pet for Sevinne, triggering off the spells from the yard, and even off Plargg and the similar Throes of Chaos. Spellseeker makes an appearance as well, paired up with Momentary Blink as a compact package to hunt up a few different options.


Header - Interaction

Rip ApartPrismari CommandStar of Extinction

The list is light on heavy control elements, focusing on the game plan of deploying and triggering token-makers early and often to overrun opponents.

The couple that make the cut are selected primarily for versatility, with Rip Apart and Prismari Command joining up with Boros and Izzet Charms to offer a wide range of effects on a relatively small amount of real estate.

This is Commander though, so a few resets are always appropriate. Star of Extinction and Dusk // Dawn are the wipes of choice, hitting most threats while also both conveniently leaving Sevinne unscathed.


Header - Acceleration

Kykar, Wind's FuryJace's SanctumArcane Signet

With all of these spells and a generally lower curve than is typical for my lists, the ramp is also toned back. That isn’t to say there’s none, but more of it is in the form of stored mana, like Kykar’s ability to trade Spirits for mana, or cost-reduction effects in Jace’s Sanctum or the new Will and Rowan. It’s rounded out with Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, Commander’s Sphere and Solemn Simulacrum, just enough ramp to help you keep pace with the table but not so much as to crowd out the spells and creatures you use to go underneath everyone else.


Header - Combos

Storm-Kiln ArtistHaze of RageFury Storm

This is Commander though, and pure combat won’t always cut it. If the board is stalled and you’re just on the hunt for a way to finish the game, there’s a few combos tucked away in the list.

The easiest is Storm-Kiln Artist and Haze of Rage, allowing you to chain a couple spells into the Haze. Once you have a storm count of three, the copies will be plentiful enough that it can pay for itself and its buyback and after that, each cast nets more and more mana. Even better, it does so as Treasures, so you don’t need to dump it all right away. Then, it’s just up to you how to navigate the kill from there, whether by using the Haze-fueled swings of your other tokens or fueling a Runic Repetition/Mystic Retrieval loop. Bonus points if you use mana to play a Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer and then turn millions of Treasure into some other token you have.

Haze can also be swapped out for a Fury Storm as long as you’ve cast Sevinne once by having the triggered copy target the original ad infinitum. Ral plays very nicely with both of these as well, translating the endless copies into endless direct damage.


Mind's DesireUnderworld BreachDevil's Play

The shell here is solid, leaning heavily into the token theme, but it doesn’t take much to trim back a few of those cards and take the deck into wildly different directions. A few more storm cards like Mind’s Desire and Grapeshot (or Ignite Memories), perhaps with Underworld Breach and some more permission spells, and you can shift into a pure combo-focused build. Add in some bigger spells to rebuy and copy from the graveyard and bam, classic spellslinger, all on top of a solid shell that can still use the remaining token production for defense.



This take, though, is the one I’m most excited to play around with, especially with these new goodies from Strixhaven to take Sevinne in a bit of a different direction than usual. That’s a lot of the fun of Commander for me, using new cards with older Commanders to see if they help open up a different archetype more than before.

With the lessons Strixhaven has to offer, streamlining the token list down to a form where spells give enough anthems and other effects is a breeze. If you want to give it a shot yourself, now’s the best time to pick up everything you could need from ChannelFireball.com. If you do, let me know what cards I missed or tweaks you would make. Until next time!

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