Crazy New Pioneer Brew! Temur Ignus Combo


Pioneer Ignus Combo by Togec



Over the past weekend, I played against this really interesting Temur combo brew by MTGO user Togec in the Pioneer Challenge, which looked very interesting and powerful in action.

In the early turns, the deck looks to play a grindy midrange game plan: ramping with mana Elves and Arboreal Grazer, drawing cards with Risen Reef and piling creatures into play with Collected Company. As the pilot builds their board state, in the mid to late gam,e the deck’s plan is to assemble the combo of Grinning Ignus and and any two copies combination of either Birgi, God of Storytelling, Runaway Steam-Kin or Hazoret’s Monument (although remember that Birgi and the Monument are legendary) 

Grinning IgnusBirgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of BountyRunaway Steam-KinHazoret's Monument

This combo will give you both infinite mana and infinite creatures entering the battlefield. If you have a Hazoret’s Monument or a Risen Reef in play, you can use this engine to dig for your one copy of Light Up the Night to end the game on the spot, and the combo also can win the game with an infinitely big Devilish Valet

This is one of the coolest looking decks that I’ve seen in Pioneer in recent weeks (or even months), and I’m really excited to see how it does going forward and/or how the deck list evolves. 


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