Crazy Artifact Combo Deck! MTG Legacy Riddlesmith Combo


Legacy Riddlesmith Combo by Iplaybaddecks



This crazy Riddlesmith artifact combo deck won the most recent Legacy Challenge in the hands of Anthony Mannino, aka Iplaybaddecks. 24 zero-mana artifact means this deck is up to no good and can churn through its own deck as early as turn one!

RiddlesmithContainment ConstructLion's Eye DiamondEcho of Eons

Outside of the classic Lion’s Eye Diamond and Echo of Eons combo, this deck has a few new tools like Containment Construct, which turns your Lion’s Eye Diamond into a Black Lotus, your Breakthrough into a Tidings and your Riddlesmith can chain all the zero-mana cards of your deck, creating a lot of card advantage!

You’ll eventually kill the opponent with Grapeshot or Brain Freeze and you’re playing Karn, the Great Creator to have access to an additional win condition with Mycosynth Lattice.

Urza’s Saga is also there to tutor up your Black Lotus – err, Lion’s Eye Diamond – as well as give you an alternative win condition if the opponent is countering your spells and all you’re left with is a couple of Constructs and a Bomat Courier.


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