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There was a time when companions were so unbelievably overpowered that they threatened to ruin constructed Magic. The rule change reined that in, but you might remember how even companions like Gyruda were overwhelmingly powerful. A short-lived Gyruda deck terrorized Legacy for awhile, but couldn’t survive the rules change – today, however, Gyruda lives on in EDH. 

EDH Gyruda decks are something else. Rather than the companion being an extra bit of value, the entire list is generally built around exploiting Gyruda’s enter-the-battlefield ability, and one specific list from lovablepanda609 is chock-filled with even-costed clones, so you can copy Gyruda over and over and over again, building up a massive army of 6/6s. But wait, you say – how is this possible, with Gyruda being legendary? Thanks to one of the two commanders, Sakashima of a Thousand Faces! As for the other commander, well, how about a free 2/2 every time you trigger Gyruda? Thanks, Tormod, the Desecrator!




Sakashima/Tormod/Gyruda Clones by lovablepanda609

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So how are we making the most of Gyruda’s ability? Well, after playing it out and ending up with a non-clone to begin with, you play Sakashima, copying Gyruda. From there, you can hit all the clones you want, as there’s no legend rule for you to contend with. Evil Twin, Phyrexian Metamorph, Spark Double, Sakashima’s Protege – all of these clones will provide you with more and more Gyruda triggers, until you eventually exit the loop with something like… oh, I don’t know, how about Massacre Wurm, or Archon of Cruelty?

Rakshasa DebaserJin-Gitaxias, Core AugurGeth, Lord of the VaultKokusho, the Evening Star

There are plenty of heavy hitters to cheat out with Gyruda. Rakshasa Debaser, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Geth, Lord of the Vault, Kokusho, the Evening Star – and with all these cards, your clone effects aren’t so reliant on Gyruda to have a real effect. Just make sure you have Sakashima out so you don’t lose everything to the legend rule!

Thassa, Deep-DwellingDeadeye NavigatorPanharmonicon (Timeshifted)Animate Dead

Thassa or Deadeye Navigator flicker Gyruda for more triggers, while Strionic Resonator and Panharmonicon both copy its trigger for extra value. There are plenty of ways to bring back a vanquished Gyruda as well. Animate Dead, Oversold Cemetery, Dread Return… even Command the Dreadhorde, if you’ve got a high enough life total. And, as a nice little bonus, all these cards will trigger Tormod!

CounterspellFeed the SwarmCyclonic RiftDimir Signet

Even with Gyruda’s even-mana-value-only rule, you really don’t have to cut many corners when it comes to support cards, either. Counterspell, Feed the Swarm, Fact or Fiction, Damnation, Cyclonic Rift… all the hits are here, and they’re all even-costed. Even mana rocks are no problem, with everything from Dimir Signet to Thran Dynamo

This deck is lean and mean, ruthlessly refined to do something very powerful that at the same time is also very silly. It’s a perfect cross-section of what EDH is all about, a marriage of ridiculousness and power that looks like a whole lot of fun. If you’ve got a similarly fun deck you want to show to the world, let me know! Send through any and all sweet EDH lists via DM on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Copy and Paste It with Gyruda Clones! – EDH Showcase”

  1. You cannot play a mono blue commander with black in the deck. This is a fine list for Gyruda being the commander and Sakishima being in the 99 but as it sits this is illegal in commander play. You seem like you are knowledgeable but that is a big oversite.

  2. “Tormod the Desecrator” is supposed to be the partner to Sakashima, and is included in the list. The formatting is wrong and should include him as a commander as well. With that correction the deck is perfectly legal.

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