Control or Opus? – Historic Power Rankings – 8/17/21

Not much has changed in Historic. Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is still on the horizon, and not much is going to happen until then. For now though, let’s take a look at the Historic Power Rankings for this week.



1. Jeskai Control


After diving a bit deeper into the Challenger Gauntlet results, I decided to split Jeskai into Control and the Opus version. Control actually did a lot better in the tournament, though the sample size is still very small. 


2. Jeskai Opus


Jeskai remains a top deck in the format, no matter which version you prefer. I suspect the control version is a bit better in the mirror though, which should make it a slightly better choice as long Jeskai remains so popular.


3. Orzhov Auras


Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are back on the menu, which makes Orzhov Auras a very well positioned deck as well.


4. Azorius Auras

Staggering InsightAdanto VanguardKor Spiritdancer


Similarly to Jeskai, I decided to split Auras as well. The Azorius version actually seems great to me as well right now, mostly thanks to the fact that Adanto Vanguard is so good against Jeskai. Dovin’s Veto is sometimes even better than Thoughtseize


5. Izzet Phoenix

Arclight PhoenixFaithless LootingExpressive Iteration


No Brainstorm, no problem! Don’t sleep on Phoenix just because one of its card draw spells got banned. You can relatively easily replace it with Warlord’s Fury and Crash Through.


6. Jund Food


Not the best deck against Jeskai, but at least you have a great matchup against creature decks.


7. Dragonstorm

DragonstormBladewing the RisenTerror of the Peaks


As long as graveyards keep being disrespected, I’ll keep telling you that this deck is a reasonable choice. The fact that Jeskai wants its own graveyard to make Magma Opus work is an important detail to keep in mind, though if the control version starts being more popular, they will surely find space for cards like Rest in Peace


8. Mono-Black Aggro

Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Inquisition of KozilekKnight of the Ebon Legion


Aggro isn’t very well positioned at the moment, so if you’re going to play one, at least make sure you have the discard spells to disrupt the Jeskai decks, otherwise they’ll have a pretty easy time clearing your board with Magma Opus.


9. Five-Color Niv-Mizzet

Niv-Mizzet RebornHydroid KrasisVanishing Verse


With discard spells and enough Hydroid Krasis, you can probably build a decent Niv-Mizzet Reborn deck for this metagame. My biggest concern is how hard it is to resolve Niv-Mizzet after sideboard though, as everyone seems to have a ton of cards like Mystical Dispute, Memory Lapse and so on.


10. Selesnya Company

Collected CompanyElite SpellbinderSkyclave Apparition


As always, if you’re a fan of Collected Company, Selesnya Company is a reasonable choice. Don’t expect to have a great matchup against Jeskai though.



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