Combo Kill with Mono-Black Devotion in Pioneer!


Pioneer Mono-Black Devotion by MOAOZIS



The Pioneer metagame is starting to settle somewhat after the recent stampede of new players returning to or exploring the format for the first time. It seems that UR Control, Lotus Field Combo, Winona, Mono-Green Devotion and Mono-Red Aggro are emerging as the decks that define the metagame. With these factors in mind, MTGO user MOAOZIS has been “pioneering” this exciting Mono-Black Devotion/combo deck that seems to be in an excellent position in the metagame.

There’s a lot of elements at play here, but the most important thing that enables this deck to work is Underworld Dreams.

Underworld Dreams

Underworld Dreams is not only a great devotion enabler, but it’s also part of a two-card combo kill with Peer into the Abyss (which is tutorable with Wishclaw Talisman). If these factors were not enough by themselves, Underworld Dreams is an incredible and resilient threat versus most blue decks, chewing away at life totals in the face of tons of card draw and selection. Beyond Underworld Dreams, the deck also gets to play Warlock Class as both a cheap enabler, card selection and a redundant combo kill with Peer into the Abyss.

I like this list a lot and I really recommend it if you’re looking to try something new in Pioneer and/or exploit the current metagame.


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