Choosing Your Akora

Being able to customize how a game feels is a massive part of its appeal for me, and Akora features an excellent array of customizable elements. While games that feature deck building all have some form of customization, Akora comes out ahead due to its core namesake: the Akora themselves. Choosing which powerful entity to run on the front line changes how your deck plays, including what cards you can run that synergize with it. The first question you have to ask yourself when playing Akora is what Akora you want to play with and why.

Elemental Power

The first element you need to consider is exactly that: the element of your Akora. The rest of your deck will be built based around your Akora’s element.  For the most part, this is all about personal preference and the “archetype” of play you enjoy. Unsurprisingly, for example, a lightning elemental deck is fast and aggressive, with powerful-looking Akora to match. Senko is the best example of this, and this Super-Saiyan-like figure can be powered out quickly with Thousand Thunder Senko. Selecting your Akora based around this kind of build around is a great idea, and definitely the best way to play if you’re a beginner.

Type Builds

You’ll also notice that each Akora has a specific type line. Powerful mages, mystical beasts, daunting dragons, and more are waiting to take command of your deck. There are many reasons to consider each type of Akora. Just like the elements, certain cards only affect certain types, giving you ample opportunity to select cards that interact directly with your chosen Akora’s typeline. For example Rage Unleashed is a fun and flexible way to keep your Akora healthy or ramp out Relic Shards, making it a powerful option if you find yourself eyeing a beastly Akora like Hageshi.

Empowered Aesthetics

Elements, types, and other build arounds are all strong considerations for picking out your Akora, but if I’m honest, my favorite reason is less built into the game and more built into personal preference: aesthetics. The way a card looks improves how I feel about it, which is one of the appealing aspects of Akora to begin with. The anime and manga aesthetic has a big draw, and it also has the advantage of including some adorable-looking Akora to choose from. 

Take, for example, the first form of Suriza. The adorable snake charmer is, well, charming, and it’s easy to pick her out from the stack for that appeal and build from there. The simple fact is that there is no “wrong” way to build your deck as long as you focus on synergies that work directly with your chosen Akora. Each Akora has a number of cards that function specifically with it, and Suriza is no different. Her key cards lean into the theme of her musical powers, letting you feel like you’re charming your way into a win with the right notes (or, perhaps, the snake-sized allies that your song inspires).

Strength of Choice

Choosing your Akora feels good. Having the freedom to select a powerful entity to build your entire play style around is a simple, yet satisfying experience. The reason for your choice matters, but the fact that your choice impacts every aspect of your deck really makes you feel the gravity of the decision. With eight elements and five types to choose from, there are some deeply interesting permutations to pick from when customizing your deck. Just don’t be surprised to see a cute snake charmer staring down your apocalyptic dragon.

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