Check Out This Spicy Standard Mardu Aggro Deck with Killian!


Standard Mardu Aggro by Koromo



I have a spicy one for you today. The Sekappy Colosseum, a big Japanese Standard tournament, took place last weekend. And of course, as we’re already used to out of Japan, we received some unique takes on decks and in this case, an entirely new deck that went on an impressive 9-1 run in the hands of the player Koromo. Take a look at Mardu Aggro with Strixhaven Limited all-star Killian, Ink Duelist making an appearance in Standard!

Angelfire IgnitionKillian, Ink Duelist

This deck plays some of the strongest and efficient creatures in Standard and four copies of Angelfire Ignition to make them even stronger. The pump spell out of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt really gets out of hand in combination with Killian, Ink Duelist costing you only WR on both its front side and flashback. This gives you the potential to deal an absurd amount of damage out of nowhere, especially in conjunction with the one-of Kaya’s Onslaught providing you with double strike. Embercleave PTSD anyone?

Showdown of the SkaldsHidetsugu Consumes All // Vessel of the All-Consuming

To make up for the negative card advantage of playing pump spells, Koromo is playing four Showdown of the Skalds to keep the juice flowing. Hidetsugu Consumes All is an interesting main deck option, I assume it’s been placed in the 60 with the various Orzhov Token decks in mind. It’s a decision that worked out for Koromo, because Orzhov decks made up 20 percent of the metagame share at the Sekappy Colosseum. In addition, notably are the four copies of Seismic Wave in the sideboard to fight the resurgence of Mono-White Aggro.

If you miss Embercleave and you want to deal a bazillion damage out of nowhere, leaving your opponent stunned about what just happened to them, this is your deck to try!


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