Cheat Out Velomachus with RW Reanimator in Standard!


Standard Boros Reanimator by XLPERTXT




This RW Reanimator played by XLPERTXT placed fifth in at recent MTGO Standard Challenge and I have to say, this looks pretty clean and makes me want to try the deck on the Arena ladder to see how it plays out in practice. 

Velomachus LoreholdThrilling DiscoveryFable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-JikiInvoke Justice

The idea is to ditch Velomachus Lorehold into Thrilling Discovery, The Restoration of Eiganjo or Fable of the Mirror-Breaker and bring it back with Invoke Justice

I’ve seen many other tries at reanimator in this format, but this deck actually has a good mana base, a great number of ways to get Velomachus in the graveyard, lots of card selection and two good creatures to bring back. 

Voltage Surge

As far as the removal package goes, I think I would prefer Voltage Surge over Strangle and Portable Hole because instant speed is more valuable in a Runes format, and it can also target planeswalkers. 

Velomachus having vigilance is huge in a format where most midrange decks rely on The Wandering Emperor to exile big creatures. Vanishing Verse also can’t kill it, so most of the BW/x midrange decks are only going to have a Hagra Mauling or Infernal Grasp, which are not usually played in big numbers. 

I also like that you can get a free Emeria’s Call with the Velomachus trigger when it has four +1/+1 counters on it from Invoke. 

This deck probably won’t be fast enough to race Runes and you wouldn’t want to get your Velomachus bounced by Fading Hope from Izzet, but it seems decent to me against the rest of the field. 


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