ChannelFireball Partners with Untapped.gg

We are thrilled to announce that ChannelFireball has partnered with Untapped.gg!

From metagame overviews to individual card win rates, Untapped.gg has all the data you need to find the best deck and conquer the ladder. We’re exploring the huge volume of data Untapped.gg provides to bring you even more detailed articles to improve your game.

Using the Untapped.gg Companion gives you the opportunity to track your MTG Arena games, find out what decks you do best with and where you can improve. It also tracks your deck in real time, so you know how likely you are to draw the card you need and how many lands you have left. It even has a draft helper to ensure you make the right picks.

If you’re a CFB Pro member, you’re already dedicated to playing the best Magic possible and Untapped.gg can help give you even more of an edge. That’s why we’re offering a free month of Untapped Premium to all CFB Pro members! Check your emails for details if you’re a member!

Untapped.gg already offers a wealth of data that can help you hit Mythic, but Premium goes even deeper with best-of-three data, filters to see exactly what the highest ranked players are playing, Historic stats, the latest metagame, matchup data and much more. It is an incredible tool that is sure to make the difference to your win rate.

We’re excited to dive into the stats and information Untapped.gg offers, and we’re sure you will be too. 


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