ChannelFireball Partners With Akora TCG

ChannelFireball is thrilled to announce our partnership with Akora, a brand new trading card game that launched on Kickstarter to tremendous success.

Akora allows players to dive into a world of creature combat with distinctive anime-inspired style. With detailed and compelling lore already being explored in manga form, Akora is an absolute treat for lovers of card games and anime alike.

With the help of ChannelFireball, Akora will move beyond Kickstarter and begin worldwide distribution, bringing the game to players and fans across the globe with the assistance of one of the largest and most experienced trading card game retailers.

This partnership ensures that Akora will continue to grow into the phenomenon already recognized in the TCG world, and we cannot wait to get these cards into your hands, onto your kitchen tables and safely into your deckboxes.

To celebrate, a launch event will be held live on WhatNot on April 22nd at 2pm Pacific. Join the party as they go deep into the world of Akora’s cards, gameplay and world while breaking some of their rare and popular Kickstarter product. Expect to see some awesome cards and be in with the chance of winning sweet prizes too.

Akora is a fun, fast, exciting game that brings some great new ideas to the TCG world. Coupled with a deep, engaging storyline, there’s a lot to be excited about and with the new set, Spellbound Wings 1st Edtion, soon to be available via the Akora Homepage, it’s the perfect time to jump into a brand new experience.

For more on Akora, stay tuned to Akora.cards and ChannelFireball.com

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