ChannelFireball Evolution – Changes to CFB Pro, Singles and More

There are big changes on the horizon for ChannelFireball.com and we’re incredibly excited to share them with you. Last week, we began the process of onboarding hundreds of stores onto the ChannelFireball Marketplace in preparation for our September 30 launch! As we transition to our new website, you’ll begin to see several changes, and we’d like to highlight a few of them for you.


Changes to CFB Pro

CFB Pro is our subscription service offering exclusive, high level strategic content and special offers at ChannelFireball. We’re committed to continue delivering amazing value to our CFB Pro subscribers. As we launch the Marketplace, we’ll be making some changes to our CFB Pro packages:


CFB Pro+ ($10/month)

  • $10 in ChannelFireball Marketplace credit added to your account every month
  • 5% back in Marketplace credit for all singles purchased
  • Free shipping on one Box Breaks order per month
  • Access to CFB Pro Strategy content from the best players in the world!

CFB Pro ($5/month)

  • Access to CFB Pro Strategy content from the best players in the world!


Existing CFB Pro and CFB Pro+ subscribers membership prices and monthly store credit reward will not be affected and can be renewed indefinitely.

(Editor’s note: updated as of 4/27/2022)

ChannelFireball Magic Singles

After over 27 years of selling Magic the Gathering singles, ChannelFireball will cease selling its own Magic singles and focus its energy on selling the products of Local Game Stores around the world. On September 13, all Magic singles on ChannelFireball will be delisted in preparation for the Marketplace launch. The Magic buy list and YouBoxWeBuy have stopped accepting new submissions and all pending submissions will be processed as usual.  


ChannelFireball Store Credit

All existing ChannelFireball store credit and all store credit generated through CFB Pro+ subscriptions will be valid on the ChannelFireball Marketplace – you’ll be able to use your Marketplace credit with hundreds of Local Game Stores. ChannelFireball credit has never been more valuable!


Card Shop Live Transition

Over the next two weeks, we will be launching Card Shop Live! Card Shop Live is our new e-commerce brand focused on selling sealed products and bundles of Magic, Flesh and Blood, MetaZoo, Pokemon, Sports Cards and more. Card Shop Live will carry Flesh and Blood and Pokemon singles at launch, and expand their catalog over time. In addition to listing on the ChannelFireball Marketplace, Card Shop Live will focus on Box Breaks. Stay tuned for more information as we roll out Card Shop Live in the coming weeks.

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