ChannelFireball and BinderPOS Combine with TCGplayer

ChannelFireball’s been a household name in the TCG industry for over a decade. We’ve revolutionized the way people read, watch, create and listen to TCG content, and participate in organized play. At every step throughout our history, we’ve been driven by our passion for the TCG community.

From LSV’s set reviews with every Magic release, to launching Pro Tours for new and upcoming games like Flesh and Blood, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building and improving the card gaming community we’re all a part of. Furthering that goal was why we expanded our reach in 2020, adding BinderPOS to our family of brands and launching the CFB Marketplace to make it easier for LGSs to sell online.

And that’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we will combine ChannelFireball and BinderPOS with TCGplayer — embarking on an exciting new chapter for all three companies.

TCGplayer shares our passion and unwavering commitment to the TCG community. Like us, they’ve been a household name in the industry for years, creating the largest online marketplace for trading card games in the world with an impressive, logistics and authentication business and a marketplace that has set the industry standard for TCG pricing. Together, we share many values, complementary capabilities and most importantly, a mutual commitment to serving customers, collectors, players, and fans across the collectibles industry.

Joining forces with TCGplayer enhances our ability to serve our shared community, joining a team with a shared vision, culture, and complementary strengths. I’m confident that together, we’ll be well positioned to deepen our commitment to local game stores, expand our platform’s reach, and create a larger and more diversified company that will revolutionize the TCG world.

Though we’re so excited about this move for the company and sharing everything today, please keep in mind this announcement is only the first step in bringing our companies together. For now, and until the transaction closes in the coming weeks, we’ll continue to operate as separate, independent companies.

  • For customers: This means that any orders you’ve placed via the ChannelFireball Marketplace or subscriptions for CFB Pro will remain unchanged.
  • For sellers and partners: This means that our existing agreements with you will remain unchanged.

Everything remains business as usual. Your contacts at ChannelFireball and BinderPOS remain the same. There’ll be no change in how we work with you, and you can expect the same high-quality service and tools you’ve come to rely on from us. Rest assured, this process will be seamless for all our stakeholders, and we’re committed to keeping you updated as we move through this process together.

I want to thank all of you and our whole community for your support and partnership that has helped get us to this incredible milestone. I hope you’re as excited as we are about this amazing new chapter for ChannelFireball and the unprecedented opportunities ahead.


Love and Luck,

Jon Saso

President, CFB Group

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