21 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Sealed #1 – Deckbuilding”

  1. On the one hand it’s nice to hear your process of “not dismissing a color if you have enough playables.” On the other…don’t be so hesitant to say B/R allies is just sick enough in this pool that green, while playable, isn’t worth considering.

  2. I think I was in this sealed. Thought about messaging you then forgot. Thanks for posting this. Although I would like to hear why you would keep the slinger out instead of say, a scorpion. In my mind slinger is one of the top cards in red. Everyone loves a two-for-one.

  3. Scorpion is one of the best cards. Stops the 2/1 fear guys cold, trades for enormous green landfall guys, and it doesnt die to the majority of the removal. Only thing Id consider taking out for the Slinger would be Bloodghast or one of the Highland Berserkers.

    But as LSV explains, the Bloodghast has really good synergy with the decks focus and you want the Berserkers so that you can do stupid ally stuff so its a tough call. I personally put the Slinger in for Bloodghast but it wouldnt be an easy or clear decision.


  4. I dunno, I kind of felt like the Guul Draz Vampire was the cut in this pool for Torch Slinger.

  5. Cut the Bloodghast and the Gruul Draz Vampire for Slinger and Magma Rift. Not very close IMO. I also consider cutting the Lacerator for an 18th land, (maybe seacliff).

  6. I actually replayed the “Erratic Explosion” part to make sure what I heard was in fact what I had heard.

    Clearly. The Bestâ„¢.

  7. I’d’ve killed for that card pool. My sealed pools all reek of weakness which, when combined with my bad game play haven’t lead to much success.

    While not necessarily in the spirit of Magic, when your 3rd round laggy opponent was so low on time, you could have played instead of conceding game 2, giving yourself multiple outs to win the round if he starts lagging badly again. Cheesy? Sure. But it’s not my fault they only have dial-up in rural Chechnya.

  8. Yea, that last cut was pretty tough. I just am not a big fan of Slinger, but cutting the Guul Draz probably would have been a little better.

    As for my round 3 opponent, I considered seeing if he had anything good for trade, but decided against it. He is actually a friend of mine, so I didn’t mind scooping when I had lost g2.

  9. federer of magic

    Hi i really thinks RB is the best 2 colors but he dont see the White and in the deck dont put the torch in the RB? WHY? PUT 7 MOUNTAIN I REALLY DONT UNDERSTUND
    i thinks he dont play soo many sealed of zandikar

    the best player of magic ever affther the kenji

  10. For the most part, I think LSV did the right job building this deck. I am unimpressed with magma rift, and the more I play with it the less I like it. The same goes with torch slinger. At first, I thought it was a top red common. However, while still good, it’s not as great as I first thought. Five mana and two red is quite much for a quasi red splash. That said, I think if it were my sealed pool, I run torch slinger over guul draz vampire. In response to Dark Slash, bushwhacker costs RR to cast, and does not fit this deck. However, bushwhacker is amazing and has won me many sealeds and is completely busted with skyfisher or recursion.

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