12 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #7 – Drafting Zendikar (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. it seems like the red black deck, with boar and burst would be much better…
    good red cards showed late pretty in pack 2…

  2. I definitely, DEFINITELY would have taken the burst lightning, and moved into red with the plated geopede.

  3. when you guys load this stuff on youtube can you make sure to up date the lsv archive so it plays nicely on the playlist. thank you

  4. Don’t really understand why you were so adverse to going into red with only a Harrow and Territorial Baloth in green. And you didn’t get passed any really good red besides that Boar in pack 1, so it’s very likely that the red will be flowing your way in pack 2 (which is exactly what happened).

  5. the red splash seemed much better, you should already have picked boar the moment you saw gruul draz vampire probably. The vampire is only good in a very aggro shell which you didnt have going because of the casualties and double scorpion. Also I don’t get why you were thinking of monoblack at all as a possiblity early on. The only cards that benefit from monoB are crypt ripper, gatekeeper and mind sludge while its very likely black would be cut pack 2 after passing a hideous end so late. Picking the board earlier was just the most solid option, or the nissa’s chosen a turn later.

  6. Predatory urge isnt that good in a deck like this… casue I already have TWO giant scorpions… so it must be terrible….
    Come on man…

  7. Eh, I realized that I had 2 scorpions, but even with the Urge they still only kill 2/X’s, and Scorpions already hold those off well enough.

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